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The founder of facebook is in nigeria.

The world's 7th richest man and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg quietly came into Nigeria today to see

Cops Called After Chris Brown Allegedly Threatens Woman With Gun

Chris Brown is back in the headlines and this time it’s for allegedly threatening a woman with a gun. TMZ reports:
The alleged incident went down early Tuesday morning in L.A. We’re told Chris and the woman were in a home when she claims they argued and he pulled the gun. The woman called 911 and

CNN reports saying 5 year old twins was rescued from Mediterranean

5-day-old twins rescued by an aid group as thousands attempt to cross Mediterranean More than 264,500 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean so far this year (CNN) — A five-day-old newborn peers out from a pink blanket. His dark, almond-shaped eyes stare directly at the camera, his tiny hand tucked underneath his chin.

Star wars: Episode VIII: dont bother holding your breath dor the title.

  
"It's going to be a while before it's released," says Daisy Ridley.
The shoot is over and editing has commenced on Rian Johnson's much-anticipated Star Wars: Episode VIII, but that doesn't mean fans should expect to learn the official title of the movie just yet, according to star Daisy Ridley.

Instead Of Boiling Your Eggs, You Should Try Steaming Them

As simple a food as they are, hard-boiled eggs are in fact a little tricky to get right . If you cook them too long, they’ll get that unappetizing green ring around the yolk. Start with them too fresh and they’ll be impossible to peel. If you’re looking to make a quick egg salad for lunch, this can put a real snag in your plans.
It’s time to reconsider how you cook the hard-boiled egg. In fact, it’s time you give up the boiling entirely and welcome the steamed, hard-cooked egg into your life.

‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ 3D Release is Coming to Theaters Next Year

Terminator 2: Judgment Day celebrated its 25th anniversary this summer. Initially, James Cameron was hoping to celebrate the occasion around this time of year with a 3D re-release of the film. For unspecified reasons, there was a bit of a delay, but we’ll see the 3D conversion sometime next year.
Below, check out

Xiaomi Redmi Note4 phanblet

Design Take the iPhone 6S Plus and mix it with the HTC 10 and the result will come close to the metal Redmi Note 4. The front looks sleek and minimal, and at the bottom you’ll find capacitive navigational buttons. The power button and volume rocker rest on the right side of the device, but overall the front gives off iPhone vibes. The back, on the other hand, is more akin to HTC’s most recent flagship, the HTC 10. Antenna bands sit at the top and bottom of the device, and there’s a circular camera, flash, and a circular fingerprint sensor at the top center.
The Note 4 comes in silver, gold, and dark gray color options.

Wife to leave husband with £2.3M for mattress tycoon 100 times richer

Jason and Victoria Jones,pictured left, had jus been married for only a month when they scooped £2.3million on the lottery thanks to a ticket bought with the last pound coin in her purse. But despite the win meaning they could afford their own luxury home and

transfer updates

FRIDAY'S DONE DEALS 14:54 - Pereira leaves United on loan Another youngster has left Manchester United with Jose Mourinho allowing Andreas Pereira to join Granada on loan. Tweet 14:49 - Sevilla sign Salvatore Sirigu Italian goalkeeper Sirigu has moved to the La Liga club on loan from Paris Saint-Germain. TWEET

A man to serve nearly five years in federal prison for lying on his citizenship application

A judge on Friday sentenced a man to serve nearly five years in federal prison for lying on his citizenship application after prosecutors said he failed to disclose he was a guard at a detention camp during the Bosnian War. A jury in May convicted Mladen Mitrovic of giving false answers on his naturalization application form. Mitrovic said on that application in 2002 that he hadn't ever persecuted anyone because of race, religion or national origin.

Mom died saving the life of her son,kept hima about the water until rescue

A mother was enjoying a family boat trip across Lake Powell when she heard a scream and splash. Her 2-year-old son had slipped off their houseboat and into the water. Chelsey Russell, a 35-year-old mother of two from Lakewood, Colorado, jumped in to rescue her son. She managed to keep the toddler above water for five agonizing minutes until a relative pulled him safely back onto the boat. But by that point, Russell was unconscious. She was pulled from the water and rushed to shore at the nearby marina, where bystanders and officials performed CPR Tuesday afternoon.

2016 volkswagen transporter

A new Sportline variant of the latest T6 Volkswagen Transporter has been released for overseas markets, transforming the humble light-commercial vehicle into an uber-cool people-mover.
Based on the 2016 Volkswagen Transporter kombi Highline variant, the new Volkswagen Transporter Sportline is said to combine “sporty” design features with additional equipment to “give driver and passengers an even more comfortable and engaging ride”.

vision mercedes-maybach 6

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is a two-door, two-passenger coupe that spans over 18 feet long. Everything about this car is more than you need. But isn't that the true definition of ultimate luxury?
With so much sheet metal, it can be tricky to get everything to look right, but Mercedes seems to have done nicely with this concept. Overall, the

Man gets 40 years imprisonment for pouring boiling water on a gay couple

Martin Blackwell of Georgia on Wednesday was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment after he poured boiling water on a gay couple he caught sleeping together.
On Feb. 12, Martin Blackwell found his girlfriend’s son and a friend sleeping together after the couple worked an overnight shift.
Angry and disgusted at the same-sex couple, he filled up a pot with boiling water, soaked the two in bed and yelled, “get out of my house with all that gay.”
“You were soulless, malicious and a violent person on February 12,” judge Henry Newkirk told him on Wednesday’
“You had so many outs where the voice of reason could’ve taken over.”
“I woke up to the most unimaginable pain in my entire life,” Tolbert, who was scalded said during his tearful testimony. “I’m wondering why I’m in so much pain. I’m wondering why I’m wet.”
Tolbert stayed for 10 days in the hospital, while Gooden was there for a month, including two weeks in a coma.

A girl survives a bus accident caused by cows

A girl is filled with praises to God after surviving an accident which killed about 7 cows. According to the lady, the cows and their herdsmen stormed the middle of the road from nowhere while the driver was in motion.. Read what she shared below;

Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart reportedly split

The 47-year-old singer and on-again, off-again boyfriend Casper Smart have called it quits … again.
“They have not been together for a few weeks,” a source told People. “It wasn’t anything dramatic and they were on good terms – it just came to a natural end.”

Bruce Springsteen performs for nearly 4 hours in New Jersey

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will perform their second show at MetLife Stadium on Thursday. It comes after they performed a 35-song set for 3 hours and 52 minutes on Tuesday.
A Springsteen fan website,, says that was Springsteen's longest U.S. show.

5 questions you should ask your doctor.

Before you get any test or treatment, ask your doctor these five questions.
Why? Because some medical tests, medications, and procedures may not be right for you.
A conversation with your doctor helps you avoid unnecessary, duplicative, or overly risky care.
What to ask:

How to stay happy when your world is collapsing

You could argue that the world has never been better: war is increasingly rare, medical science has cured a number of the deadliest diseases, global poverty is down, life expectancy is up, and crime in America is down. But it sure doesn't seem that way, especially with Brexit, climate change, Trump, Syria, and terrorist incidents around the world.

Christain elders says the security and intelligence committee of federal Government is occupied by Islamic persons.

The National Christian Elders Forum NCEF which is an affiliate body of the Christian Association of Nieria CAN, yesterday expressed worry over the fact that more Muslims occupy positions in the Security and Intelligence committee of the Federal government. In a statement signed by the NCEF Chairman, Solomon Asemota and released yesterday, the group alleged that Nigeria is an Islamic state which is contrary to Section 10 of the Nigerian constitution. The Elders in their statement expressed worries over the recent attacks meted on Christians in most parts in the North.

Austin Rivers picks ferrari F12 along with mercedeses G-wagon

Austin Rivers just re-signed with the LA Clippers for 35 million and did what anyone would do with that kind of money...

Dj-pauly D still likes to show off his lamborghini Aventador

Incase you were wondering, DJ Pauly D still has his Lamborghini Aventador and is still trying to show it off with his kicks! While the Jersey Shore is long gone ( RIP  ), Pauly D still h

kylie jenners mercedes G-wagon is for sate

Kylie Jenner’s Mercedes G-Wagon Is For Sale!
If any of you have a thing for Kylie Jenner and are in the market for a Mercedes G-Wagon, then today is your lucky day! Kylie Jenner's G-Wagon is currently for sale for

Kobe Bryant Hangin’ Out In An Ultra Rare LaFerrari FXX K

When you are as famous as Kobe Bryant, you can pretty much do whatever you want... and that includes sitting in the ultra rare LaFerrari FXX K! This particular LaFerrari is actually owned by Google executive

Avengers: we have pictures,video's of soldiers involved in oil bunkery

WARRI —Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, yesterday, alleged that soldiers were the merchants of oil bunkering in the Niger Delta and that they have video and pictorial evidence of their involvement in crude oil theft and records, including how much they collect and make per day from illegal oil bunkering.
The group, in a statement denying security reports linking its forces to the killing of troops in Nembe, Bayelsa State, said it was surprised at the desperation of the military to always connect NDA to crimes in Southern Nigeria.

A group of fraudster caught with girls pants,other ritual items in delta state.

A group of internet fraudsters a.k.a Ghana Burgers were apprehended by policemen at Koko Junction, Warri, Delta State..According to the evidences found on them and their confessions, they went to Oyo State for rituals.

Hotel Workers Kill Boss, Disappear With CCTV,car.

The owner of deploo hotel and suite, Mr. Lucky okonkwo was killed by is workers.The Niger State Police Command has started investigations into the killing of the owner of Deploo Hotel and Suites, Mr. Lucky Okonkwo, who was murdered in his hotel in Suleja, Niger State.
PUNCH Metro learnt that 59-year-old Lucky was stabbed to death on Friday by a three-man gang, suspected to be workers at the hotel, shortly after he returned from a trip to Kaduna.
He was said to be at the hotel for the purpose of supervision.

Good News: Fashola inaugurates Japanese 1.2MW solar power donation to Nigeria

Minister of power, works and housing, Babatunde Fashola, on Tuesday,August 23, 2016 commissioned a 1.2 megawatts (MW) solar power plant donated to Nigeria by the Japanese government.
The minister, who is working on raising Nigeria’s power profile through various energy mixes, inspected the plant at Lower Usama, Bwari Abuja.
“We want to get incremental power first, short-term objective. Energy anywhere, we can get it because the energy is not enough,” he said in an interview.

Lagos most wanted cultist leader captured.

Lagos Most Wanted Eiye Cult Leader Arrested For Killing Over 80 People, Oriyomi Balogun Aka Small Jopron Tells Police He Is Not Sorry For Murder
A notorious cultist has been arrested in Lagos over the murder of 80 innocent people.
The suspect identified as Oriyomi Balogun popularly called Small Jopron or J-Prompt has reportedly murdered over 80 residents of Lagos and Ogun state during supremacy battle between Eiye fraternity and Aiye cult group.
While claiming his innocence, the suspect denied killing over 80 people, he said he only murdered 2 persons.
His confessional statement reads:


This policeman, Mobile Unit on duty yesterday at about 2pm at Igyula along Gboko-Aliade Road took alcohol to stupor and was seriously misbehaving by threatening road users with the gun.
I tried getting his service number and name but his jacket covered the tags.

Girl died of heart attack after her school fees got scammed

An 18-year-old girl named Xu Yuyu (pictured) has lost the money contributed to her for her college tuition to a scammer. In addition, Zu lost her life to a heart attack.

Terrorists Attack American University in Afghan Capital.....CBN NEWS

KABUL, Afghanistan - Militants attacked the American University of Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing at least one person and wounding another 18, officials said.

How much sugar your kids need ,and you will be surprised

Parents, now that school is starting up again, it is the perfect time for new beginnings when it comes to what your kids eat.
Limiting the amount of sugar your kids take in through snacks and sodas will improve their health and save you money to boot.
The American Heart Association just came out with their new recommendations about how much added sugars kids should take in. Hold on to your seats, it's not much: Six teaspoons. Most kids consume three times that amount.

Malysian Zoo celebrates pandas' birthday

In Malaysia, hundreds of visitors joined journalists and zookeepers to celebrate the 10th birthday of two giant pandas: Xing Xing and Liang Liang.
China sent the two pandas to Malaysia in 2014 to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties

Nebraska prison on lock down after 9 staffs assaulted

Prison officials in Nebraska say nine staff members at the Lincoln Correctional Center have been assaulted by inmates who were refusing to return to their cells.

breaking down the clintons foundation.....ABC news

Before President Bill Clinton left office, he started planning for his transition out of the White House by doing what many before him did -- starting a public charitable organization with the primary function of building the Clinton Presidential Library. He originally named it the William J. Clinton Foundation .

why you should rethink before posting back-to-school photos

As children head back to school, the temptation to share your excitement with a first day photo on social media is understandable.
But Donna Rice Hughes, the president & CEO of Enough Is Enough, a non-profit organization that seeks to maximize internet safety for children and families, is urging parents to think carefully about the information they post.

A led light festival is held in jimo city

A LED light festival is held in Jimo City, east China's Shandong Province. More than 20 million LED lights have created a dreamy world.the lights a

A tricycle with air condition

What do you know about innovation? There is a tricycle With air condition the world is Changing.

nytimes news about zika virus

study of brain scans and ultrasoundpictures of 45 Brazilian babies whose mothers were infected with Zika inpregnancy shows that the virus can inflict serious damage to many different parts of the fetal brain beyond microcephaly, the condition of unusually small heads that has become the sinister signature of Zika. The images, published Tuesday in the journal Radiology, also suggest a grim possibility: Because some of the damage was seen in brain areas that continue to develop after birth, it may be that babies born without obvious impairment will experience problems as they grow.
RADIOLOGY “It really brings to the forefront the importance of truly understanding the impact of Zika virus and the fact that we need to follow children who not only are exposed to Zika in pregnancy, but even those who don’t appear to have any complications at birth,” said Dr. Catherine

its been 5 times the governor of river state kisses his wife publicly.

Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike is now more known for his PDA with his wife than his good works in his state.

Dear ladies:bitter trust you must swallow.

1. Sex doesn't keep a man, if you like, turn 360% on bed, he will still dump you. Bleach until you become white, if he doesn't notice the qualities of a wife in you, he will leave you.
2. A man who win your love with cash may not stay forever. Real men doesn't settle down with fake women who love money.
3. The beauty of a woman can take her to a Palace but her character will determine how long she stays in the palace. Beauty attracts men but character keep them.


Thanks to the almost unlimited possibilities with its color-faded mesh upper, the Nike finds another new look for the Air Max Plus this fall

A strong earthquake occured in italy,levels buildings

ROME (Reuters) - A strong earthquake brought down buildings in mountainous central Italy early on Wednesday, trapping residents and sending others fleeing into the streets, with at least six people believed killed.

Investor cares about 3 thing, you need to known them.

This post was written by chris myers.                            In my latest book , I devote an entire section to what entrepreneurs should look for in potential investors. However, I’ve never explored a more pressing issue of what investors look for in potential portfolio companies.
I’ve gone through two major investment rounds at my company, BodeTree , and am in the process of finalizing our third . Through those experiences, I’ve learned a thing or two about what investors really care about.
There’s a common misconception among entrepreneurs that investors care about flashy technology, early growth, or fear of missing out. Each of those things plays a role in their decision-making process, of course, but they’re not the most important things investors look for. Knowing what really matters can be the difference between a successful entrepreneur/investor partnership and utter disaster.
The ability to balance

The newest billonaires are two indian brother who founded there tech company in their teens

This is a post written By Manu Balachandran & Itika Sharma Puni
The deal
From Mumbai to San Francisco
By the time he was barely 16, Divyank Turakhia had already founded a tech company with his 18-year-old brother, Bhavin Turakhia.
At a time when the internet boom had just begun in India, the two self-described “tech geeks” took a Rs 25,000 loan ($372) i

kenya backpedals on decision tto close worlds biggest refugee camp yetbagain

This post was written By Abdi Latif Dahir
Somali refugees in Dadaab. (REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya)
Kenya has backed down yet again on its decision to close Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp. Interior minister Joseph Nkaissery announced the government’s
decision on Sunday , stating the repatriation process would not be completed until there’s stability in Somalia .
The East African

Neymar jr to return after international break.

Fresh off the back of winning Olympic gold with Brazil, Neymar Jr has been called up to the full national team and, with the permission of Luis Enrique , will return to the squad after the international break.

Make payment using Visa powered payment ring

Visa-based payment ring is no longer limited to athletes who made it to the Olympics in Rio. Anyone can now pre-order an NFC Ring that lets you tap to pay at many store terminals without pulling out your phone or

North korea launched a ballistic missile off it's east coast my early on Wednesday

This post was written by ju-min park and jack kim.                                                                                              The launch comes two days after rival South Korea and the United States began military exercises in the South that has angered North Korea.
SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile off its east coast early on Wednesday, South Korea’s military said, the latest in a string of missile launches by the isolated country in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions

A live snake caught by a farmer this morning

A witness saw this and decided to share this on nairaland."I was marvelled seeing this farmer holding this live snake his trap caught up this morning".

FRSC Official Who Was involved in Soldiers Brutality Demands For Justice

The incident that happened not too long again involving two government officials has taken another twist