Can candle turn homes into an oasis of warmth

 Yes, Candle can turn home into an oasis of warmth. In Nigeria candle are underrated when it comes to home decor but the truth is if u get the right candle it will give you a cool ambiance relaxing ethos.                               
              Its very important to improve the decor of your home to make it look nice and colourful without spending much, this can be done by adding a very nice and colourful candle to the ambiance of your home to give it a colourful scent.
              Candles are versatile and can be used in decoration of dining,bedroom,bathroom and kitchen as well.
               Candle can be decorated by placing a scented candle on footed stand and stacking it with lovely roses around them for a more romantic atmosphere and can also be decorated with interesting ribbon and beads for a more charming ambiance.
Note this, no matter where you  use candle they will always create a welcoming environment  while turning your home into an oasis of warmth.
                      Tips in candle decoration 
 For safety, the candles must be placed in a container, to give more eclectic look. 
Beware of using overwhelmed scents in confined space.
Choose a fragrance to suit your mood or area or season.
Always keep safety in mind always when burning candles, because open flames can injure people as well  as start fire.
Scented candles should not be used during meal time as their fragrances will clash with the aroma of the food.
Note this, trying to use a scented candle to mask an unpleasant odour may worsen the odour so it’s not recommended or advisable.

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