Healthy spices everyone should try!!

      It’s Time for you to adopt healthy cooking and seasoning options. To help you do that,here are some healthy natural spices you can use to replace the processed one in your kitchen  cabinet.

Nutmeg is one spice where a little goes long way,Nutmeg is wonderful in many baked goods.Whether you use it in preparing your soup,sauce,or put a dash in your oakmeal.Be careful not to overuse it as it can cause palpitation,sweating, and hallucinations if too much is used.
                Benefits of nutmeg
When used suitably, nutmeg has advantages apart from it’s Wonderful taste and aroma,
Its aid in sleeping.
It helps in clearing up digestive problems.
It boosts your brain function.
It increases blood circulation.
                Uses of nutmeg
Its used to clear skin issues like scar and acne.
You can also use topically for muscular and joint pain.
Can also be used in making a spiced tea.
Ginger is a very popular ingredient and can be found in everything  from meat to tea. Its an important spice during the holidays when people overeat due to it’s ability to aid digestion and warm the body.
Ginger consist of several volatile oil that are powerful anti-bacterial,antiviral,anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic agents.
                   Benefits of ginger
Its help to improve digestive function.
Its help in reducing gastrointestinal  distress.
It helps in reducing fever related to nausa.
It helps to decrease inflammation.
It boosts the immune system.
                   Notes on ginger
When using Ginger for health benefits,use fresh roots or grounds and think hot drinks and fresh vegetable dishes. Nutritionists say one should opt for fresh gingerroot over the dried,ground stuff,which has less enticing aroma and health benefits.

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